Neurotika: The Tyrannny of Equality

They who cut off heads and shorten tongues -say ‘All is Equal.’ In this way we fulfill the function of society -to have a level clearing field. But even so a certain tyranny is affected. This is the movement of the grinding wheel -and is often a process of making things smaller. Anyone who aspires to more than just mediocrity is suppressed. Thus there is repression and also self-aggrandizement. The essence of art -is to express a certain arrogance. To speak of injustice and indignity -is to break the mould – not to hide in the crowd. The nebulous concept of the masses -is a seeking of uniformity and purity. Such purity is a terrible thing -a thing of faceless power. When there are revolutions -there is often a reaction -where religion is uprooted -and awful reason holds sway. Such is the imposition of facile vengeance -as Madame Guillotine waits for all. Communists also speak of idealistic fervour. In any utopian dream there is often the result -where the individual is sacrificed to the collective.

The function of all art is to provoke. To question the Truth is to strengthen it. In order for the artist to work in freedom – one must allow him to be contrary. In the outward circumference of reality -one is only concerned with power. Art is an inward inflection -and the needs of the status-quo are often at odds with the creative process. Art is a thing that arises out of creative hunger – the ambition of a professional careerist is always involved in sacrifice to a goal. This goal is to make more power and to make more money for men whom you submit to. Therefore you are what they call a team player. You are a member of a body -a cog in a machine. Artists are not able to fit into such a strategy -they can only work alone -to make their dream real. Equality is a law in this way -a moral rule that forces all to fit to command. Art is totally against this -it cannot survive in a locked room. It cannot flourish in a place without windows. Art is vital and regenerative -it encompasses both virtue and accident.

Some people think that a great man is the one who changes things. And he who is great is always the one who is calumniated by the average crowd. In this way prophets are stoned and poets are murdered. The people who say this are called ‘elitists.‘ and they are accused of being irritable and discontented. They do not agree with the myth of the common man. They feel that the worst of us -have always been active in the mob -to raise their voices against difference and uniqueness. Anyone who is strange and essential -is attacked in school and the work for which they were trained. Such ingrates are not able to fit in -the proverbial round peg in the square hole. They who are nonconformists are often those who come up with the great ideas. In order to do this -they face the crowd -and break the law of equality. For this they are severely punished.

Therefore you have a sort of mental illness. It’s not that this is done in an obvious manner. Those who are affected by an ‘idea-virus’ are often sick with their Truth. An idea virus is a thing that moves from person to person -all in a process of causing intemperance and restlessness. An idea virus is a deeply dangerous concept -that burns like a fire from branch to branch. There is one man stamping out the flames on the ground -as above a raging fire burns in the trees. Idea viruses are not trustworthy or harmless -they are always involved in an argument and a conversation. Men who germinate -are those who are able to speak without fear of consequence. In this way they must stand up straight and tall -without hesitation and prudishness. When every man is equal -there is no room for deviation. To be equal is to be dead in some way. The words that are planted in the throat cannot flower. The doubts and suspicions cannot be expressed -when you are caught in the senseless mass. You just go with the grain -and fall asleep -a slow and terrible death ensues. A great artist is one who dares to feel the pain of separation -to look inside from outside -and to see. A great artist is one who causes trouble and confusion. In this way it is our duty to avoid being safe and agreeable. In this way we overturn the tyranny of equality. We hate the wheel of karma that grinds us down.

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