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What are stereotypes but roles?  Mother, Father, Daughter and Son – Doctor, lawyer etc. We are conditioned to fit into society -by the fulfillment of this.






To live in a stereotypical world is to submit to such a program. Cliches are a way to grease the engines -and in Art as well -we give in to mediocrity by being pleasant and conventional. Anyone who steps outside the borders will be treated like the prophets of ages before -attacked and misunderstood. Not to say that an artist is a prophet -but he is a messenger of sorts -one who speaks the tongue of poetry. This is the secret language of the creative soul -in that it is not easily comprehend for those who only know the literal interpretation. Even so some kind of truth is snuck in -through metaphor and symbol. Stereotypes are the negation of free thought -as Thoreau said -‘there are a thousand men hacking (hacks) at the branches -while one cuts at the root of the tree of evil’.
Stereotypes are not real -not really. They are either black or white -and they have no depth -or they are one-dimensional -like a badly made animated movie. There are people who are like this -they do not think deeply -and do not know deeply. In the world of the stereotype -all things are opposites -in fact the accusation of ‘hypocrite’ is meant to attack someone who questions things. In the heart there are no opposites -all things come together. ‘Without contraries there is no progression.’ as William Blakc said. It’s known that the artist is the ultimate hypocrite -he moves things around. The stereotypical world is all about measuring and criticizing. All critics and scholars are indeed a form of theology -writing about writing -and comparing the work of disparate forms of expression. Theology is a form of study and scientific curiosity -where the work is dissected and pulled apart. Theology is always about other things -all literature and art is a potent force -as the theologian follows behind with his pair of scissors.
All well delineated characters of fiction are real -even the Creator of life itself -began as a stereotype -eventually gaining shape and form. In fact as the more people become aware of the hero -he gains a certain Godhood. His face and body gain clarity -and his manners become more thoughtful -just like the puppet Pinocchio became a real boy. Stereotypical life is schizoid and shallow. The result of such cleverness is boredom and death. To aspire towards material wealth -is to deal in the currency of fear. Such a trade is one of mutual disregard -an ignorance enacted by the movers. We are part of the unthinking masses -and we do things impulsively -buying and reacting to the pretty colours. We are then a part of a market strategy -where a sort of idolatry is celebrated. The cliches are meant to push and pull us -in a way that has no forethought or awareness. The cliches in art -are a sort of obviousness. To be too obscure is not good -but to be gross is an irresponsible habit in anyone.
To say that a character in a book is real -I am not being literal. A book has a soul -‘the word is God.’ and if it is opened as we read -we are feeding off its wisdom. The personalities come into us -and are a part of us. A stereotype is a dead character – a virtual cartoon or caricature. A living spirit sleeps in his tomb. Inside those bindings and pages -we confront a friend. If we could lose our terror of darkness we could enter the land of the dead -and meet these characters face to face. A cardboard cut up has no presence -but a deeper soul of ambiguity -has a sort of strange charisma. In stereotypical truth -there is only one truth. A fool’s program is enacted -whereby the complexities of life are simplified in a severe moralistic manner. The ultimate truth is the stereotypical vision -Heaven and Hell -and consequently fear of consequences. This is the real Death of art -to be hindered by a sort of denial -art is fulfilment of desires -both in temporal and sacred ways. Art is nullified by inhibition and guilt -the only way to be creative is to be without mercy. To murder all the stereotypes -and to hate idiocy -this is the responsibility of the craftsman. To make something that is almost more real than I am -is the goal that I struggle with -I am what I do

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