Blog -Artist’s Talk -by Bruce Ray

On Saturday January 19th, 4 -6 pm there will be an Artist Talk and Forum. As part of the Collective Habitat 1997 – 2012 exhibition this talk will take place.

Moderated by the curator, Bernadine Fox -there will be six artists: Rebecc Chunn, Cherise Clarke, Quin Martins, Bill Pope, Steve Borton and Karen Ward. These artists will speak of art and their relationship with the Gallery Gachet over the years. Following the talk there will be an open discussion on issues relating to Gachet-its history and possibilities for the future. Join us -if you have an interest -to take part in this conversation. I have been involved in the Gallery Gachet for awhile. When I first came to Gachet -it was more of a drop-in center. As the years unfolded -it became more complex. It has survived various trials and challenges -to become what it is today. I certainly feel a vibe here I get nowhere else. I feel a mutual support -and an integral focus of energies. I think the artist talk will be illuminating. I wonder what others feel about this divine society. Do they feel the same way I do? I certainly feel that I have shared a place of healing with others. I have developed over the years -in no small part inspired by the Gachet and its members. I don’t know what would have happened to me if I had not been involved in this entity -that seems to grow on its own speed. I am involved in a larger design -to take part in its collective. With this artist talk -we will take part in a discussion. I invite everyone who is intrigued -to come and hear the voices of those who have survived -through some hard years and experiences. How the Gachet is a part of this -and how important it is for it to continue to flourish -these are profound questions. We must continue to speak to each other -and to explore alternative ways of therapy. In art and creativity -we grow beyond stigma and marginalization. We are the ‘real internet’ and this community continues to expand. How we face the limits of our expression -to overcome barriers and blockages -all in the process of self-renewal. Let us take the time to appreciate this unique experiment. Come hear this talk -and listen to the voices of those who have shared their talent and skill -with the community. After all the Gachet is a microcosm of the outer world -what happens here -also happens in the world.

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