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What does a wall say to you?  It says ‘I am a wall.’  What does a chair say?  “I am a chair.’  All the forms of life -are caught in the cage of metaphor.  All the living surfaces hide interior depths of meaning.


All of life is indeed sentient in nature.  In this way -the many and the one are the same thing.  In art and mental illness -we are forced to see all as an unified field or reality.  There is only one world -and behind that one world -is the truth of Heaven and Hell.  This is a simplistic design and causes os much pain in our lives -especially the lost souls -who fear the devil.   I have known many friends who have fallen into a demented state because of religion.  They begin to read ‘Revelations’ and begin to  draw images of angels and devils -waiting for the last day of judgement.  They drink the poison of consequences and pray for either punishment or reward.  Still there are no consequences expect the ones you imagine.   If life is truly sentient in nature it follows that it is good.
There is not just one world -or even two worlds -there are an infinite variety of experiences -both paradisaical and hellish in nature.  There is a hidden face behind the surface of illusions.  We only see it when we arrive at an understanding.  We see the beauty beyond the reflection of Good and  Evil. We are caught in a crisis whereby the ego dies -leaving behind only ruins of reality.  We then become aware of a deeper sanity -beyond madness and confusions.   We gaze at what gazes back at us.  The  Truth is dislodged from the mud and grime -and we see it for the first time.   The crust at the edge of the glass -of the heart -is wiped away.   We now comprehend the many levels of interpretation.  Even so we must resist the urge to control what we see with our thoughts.  We lose control in order to gain control.  We unlearn what we have learned -and we no longer make plans and schemes.
So life is sentient -it is true.  Now I say -it’s alright to hear voices and to be full of visions.  The artist is a close cousin to the sociopath.  One moves his imagination in isolation -and the other is moved by his imagination.  There is latent Good -and latent Evil in everyone.  To break the limits of the mind -is to realize the eternal truth that lies behind the worldly truth.  We see the body of God -and we know it is a thing of mutual regard – as we look upon the freedom -we are free.  To the uneducated outsider -there is a strangeness to all life.  This weird inclination is known only when we escape the chains of normalcy.  Life is extra-ordinary -and also extravagant in nature.  It’s okay to seek the exotic fruit of expression.  It’s an imperative to search and never stop searching.  If we do not move we die. So in our pursuit of happiness -we see that the inside core of life -is of happiness.  The suffering genius os a lie -and not a thing to emulate.  I don’t care if Baudelaire died penniless -and syphilitic.  I know that his words have affected me -and that’s all that matters.
If everything thinks -and in thinking reveals its reality -it is true that the mind  of God is that which we feel -when we look upon his works.  This is what we know -as things relate to us -as we relate to them.  It is said by the Chinese -that there is what they call -the un-carved block.  This is the inner core of all things.   This raw material is what we shape and form into objects.  To imitate the way of this hidden and secret, dark fire -is to evoke its mystery.  It is the shaping of this thing that has no shape -that has eluded every artist who faces it.   The throne of God is un-hewn -and unadorned in its wisdom.  The intoxication comes when we have a sense of direct knowledge.  We are entranced in order to know what is an enigma -and what is not.   Some things we have no ability to express -and other things are easier.  But the ultimate vision is that of the interconnectedness of all things.  All the opposites are together in the human heart.  In the eye of the artist -we are aware of holiness -in all the creations of experience -and it is true that to the Spirit -all is an experiment.   We take part in it only when we are surrounded by the thought-forms of matter itself.  How body and soul are together (as William Blake said) and there is no division in the being of our self.   To come to this -is to have the leap of consciousness -and gaze deeply into all things.  To hear the voice that say’s ‘I live!’

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