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Ideas never come in a large package -but they express themselves in pieces and shards of meaning.  To seek an ultimate truth is a vain enterprise.  The little things are seen in the details.  It is not ready-made but represents a larger picture -but one only sees it -in the subtleties of language.  Ideas are like fish taken from the ocean.  One pulls them out by the tail/  It comes up with the whole that was made -before the realization. This is the superstitious version -in that I think my creation was shaped in the beginning of the universe.  There is no originality -only variations on a theme.  The metaphors are like encapsulations -cups full of energy.  One drinks from the same glass over and over.  In this process we take water from the deepest well.  The center of the community is a thing that pours over freely -of its essence.  There is no hesitation before the act -only a constant reappraisal and rearranging.

Ideas are indeed a virus.  They are provocative and deeply regenerative.  They give of themselves -charged with meaning and promiscuous growth. As they are passed from hand to hand – it is from a living tradition.  It is like the sexual process -there is give and take.  In this way -ideas are vital and important.  To give off yourself to the point where it comes out of your bones -is a compulsion that cannot be resisted.  This is an obsession that is better then other obsessions.  It is the drug of choice.  To enter a trance-like state -is seemingly a form of madness.  The creative urge is seen from the outside as a lunacy or at least something unpredictable.  It is the anomaly in a world of certainties. The alternative sight -is a vision of a contrary point of view.  We must unlearn what is learned -until we are standing on solid rock -instead of quicksand
Ideas are not answers -the artist is not mandated to give instructions.  It is the philosopher who explains.  The artist is a person who accepts that life is a mess that cannot be ordered or put right.  Ideas do not belong to the artist -they belong to the people.  When he has expressed his images -they are like children who have been sent into the world.  Where they go -it is not his business to know.  In a community or a city -all the citizens are mutually protected.  It doesn’t matter about races or questions of gender -all individuals are given support.  It is this way with art – the product the craftsman sells is freely given without judgment or scorn.   The man with a mental illness is a soul -who has lost the connection to his society.  His art is an attempt to reunite himself with the community.  The purpose of expression is to bring together -not tear apart.  This is why the artist imitates the divine and giving spark.
Ideas are not trains that go from station to station.  Invariably they come from some dark corners -out of some need for redemption.  And art is the only redeemer -it makes all the base things worth the trouble of changing.  It is said the ‘bad money drives out good money’.  Money that is made of ‘good work’  is so much more pleasurable to spend.  It is so much more appreciated -and valued.  Ideas are things that glue reality -that was previously shattered.  All artists are my friends and family -in that the man who understands -is the man who stands.  Not to be moved or pushed aside – he is the devout priest -who purifies his tools.  He is the truly spiritual soul -and his art is his religion.

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