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Life is always about interpretation. We see what we want to see. In the process of our lives -we shift between two paradigms. The first is the truth of the two worlds: Heaven and Hell. The other contains the many worlds of imagination. In the image of endless punishment -we rise and fall. In the image of constant reevaluation -we are caught by angel’s wings and devil claws. We move from Heaven to Hell -from joy to despair -as we face the consequences. In the second paradigm -we enter the gates into a land of infinite realities -all created by the free use of interpretation. Imagination is the key of understanding. It involves an improvisation -of a multitude of hidden voices.
bruce_blogIn this way there is an unlimited source of fantasy and vision. In the ‘two worlds’ we strive and go from fear to fear. We are saved and lost over and over again. Heaven and Hell is a trap for energies -in that our restless thoughts keep us from knowing the calm of being. With the imaginary we accept that all things are real. All objects in space are full of intellect -all things are sentient in this way. We are faced with both emptiness and volume.  Things speak to us -and relate in a real way. Furthermore we are a part of the thoughts of God -we live in His mind as parts of the whole. In imagination all we create and shape have the same reality that our souls have.
In the paradigm of Heaven and Hell – we are choked within. Our voice is suffocated by the terrors of the night. To supplicate and to submit to an idea -is to kill the will of the spirit and the body. In art we are a giving thing -of such generosity we throw out our ideas into the world. We sow such seeds of our being -without fear of consequences. We have no regard for Heaven and Hell. In the many worlds of imagination -we take the power that pours into us -and we pass it on to the people. In this way we are replicating ourselves. We are putting our essence into the community -to reunite with what we have lost. In Heaven and Hell -the tension of endless conflict would paralyze us. Fear is a thing that freezes us -and fixates us on desolation.
There are infinite realities -not just two. When you pass through the gates -you enter a world of many gates. We have the key that would open every door. If imagination is the currency of the soul -it is not for cheapskates or misers.  Cynicism is the leprosy of intellect. Those who speak of doom -are contrary to the expression of optimism. To face either condemnation or Love is a choice. To leave the prison world of ‘Thou shalt not’ into the land of ‘thou shalt’ is the purpose of every artist. Art is a thing that hates denial. It is a free flowing thing -and so we know either apocalypse or peace.
In the many worlds -every idea and character is real. If you opened a book with endless pages -all the heros would stand up before you and say -‘I am real.’ You would accept them as images that think and feel. They live in the land of variety and context. In this way God and the Devil is true. It is also apparent that every other personality is true. The walls and doors are true. The thing you see before your eyes is also true. In art you take this realization -and reveal the secret history of all things. No more Heaven and Hell -no duality of good and evil – but an excess of visions. It is either ‘not enough’ or ‘too much’ -you choose between the two. And you pour over such a surfeit of energies.

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