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In the shamanistic vision -we express our ability to interpret and understand.  What I call the Shamanistic journey is a process of how we are faced with crisis -and renewal.  When Jesus  went to the wilderness for forty days and prayed -he was taking part in such a journey.  He goes out into the wilderness -and accepts the power that he seeks in nature and in animistic forces.  For a poet or an artist -this is an integral searching -a metaphorical wilderness that surrounds us.  Animistic forces are the voices of spirits that live in the Other worlds.  They are our helpers and allies in the struggle for realization.  In a crisis we are faced with difficulties and accept the visions that come from such a striving. So we are ‘tested by the Devil’ -as Jesus was.2420609562_1f6526a39c
In a Shamanistic Society -dreams are important.   In such societies -there are special persons who have the ability to discern the meaning of dreams.  These medicine men -specialize in such scrying.  I say however that every soul has the latent talent for such a illumination.  Shamanistic society is unlimited in scope -and in every race and group-mind -there are such individuals.  Every man and woman will be a prophet.  Every soul will be able to understand -and to give their answer to others.  Shamanistic society is a culture of artists and creative souls.  Shamanistic society is the ultimate regeneration -where the mass dreams and in dreaming -changes reality. As this vital and volatile transformation ensues -the world is irrevocably made new.
To hear voices is a mere by-product of being at one with what you see and hear. In this shadow world we are blocked from the world of light.  How the unreal covers the real -and we only see glimpses of the truth.  Art is a way of making a tunnel into the other side -to open a hole to revelation.  Sometimes when you try to open a door -a dozen more  opens before us -this is mental illness.  When a young pilgrim goes into the wilderness to be be tested -he must come back to his community to tell of what he’s learned.  If he does not -he is trapped there to wait forever.  Mental illness is a thing of entrapment -and is caused by the experience of the spirit in the desolate realm of isolation.  If one does not return from the journey -there is a helplessness and an inability to survive.  If one does not return then one will become caught by the ghosts and predators who live in the forest.
Even so one must know one thing.  If you go deeper into experience you must be aware that only fear is death -and there is nothing to guard against.  In the deeper realms of reality -there are no dragons or beasts waiting to swallow you up or devour you.  One would imagine a million devils with a jagged teeth and ugly snouts -but it’s all an illusion.  Fear is the Father of all hallucinations and lies.  So in your shamanistic journey know that the only way to truth is to go within.  To go deeper is to see beyond clever thoughts and designs.  To go deeper is to gain the skills of a dreamer and creative artist.  Artist is prophet, dreamer and seer.  Every one has the potential for unlimited scope and growth.  The shamanistic society is a thing that crossed borders and moral rules.  In this society -we are faced with many worlds -and not just one.  To be creative is to be like Jesus and be tempted.  To express your vision is to gaze into the fire and hear the many things that call from the shadows.  To be made whole is to accept such possibilities and to make them true.  Shamans are all participants in the larger dream that overcomes the smaller dreams -and we are enlarged in this way.

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