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The word ‘responsibility’ is an interesting phrase.  It means to ‘respond’ and be able to see another’s point of view.  Power only comes from relationships.  It means to be able to change reality.  I do not mean in a physical way -but in a spiritual inclination. To change reality in a spiritual way however  -is to affect the physical plane.  What you envision in your mind eventually becomes a true thing.  Power is married to responsibility -and comes out of the society you are surrounded with.  To respond means to take power over life.  To be pro-active rather than re-active is to pay attention to the details.  To face the future and be adaptive to any point of view is to be able to accept other arguments.  To be expanded in the process is to accept solutions.
Power is a thing we lose in our childhood.  We are overcome in a world of giants and so become submissive adults.  We seek power in all the things of experience. We seek it in abusive and dysfunctional relationships.  Power and the reclaiming of it is always a dangerous occupation.  In a positive way we take it back into our souls through creativity and expression.  If we channel our energies into artwork -we are taking part in a revelatory and healing possibility.  Power is a thing of union and re-union.  Sometimes we take a journey into darkness – power is the returning to the community and also responsibility.   To respond is to give of yourself -in friendship and in art.
To respond is to survive any danger -a sort of strategy of living.  To respond means to overcome difficulties in a collective way.  In isolation we strive to replicate ourselves in culture and visions.  However it is so much better to create relationships rather then to be a solitary soul evoking a nebulous world of reasons.  We balance the self with other selves.  To have responsibility is to know that freedom is to be married to some sense of duty.  This duty is a thing that comes from knowing we are only as good as the ones who love us.  This is an alternative ideal of duty -that arises out of loyalty to others.  Duty is a problematic thing -I do not speak of duty to a machine or company. I speak of fractured selves – to be whole in the way others look at us.
In an argument nothing is given or received.  We face each other -and forget to learn from another.  In this way we kill the spirit of the other – bigotry is a sort of murder of mind and intellect.  We put up the wall of denial against any sort of invasion. We are afraid of being assimilated. We are afraid of fading away.  But what are we guarding really?  We are defending ourselves against a perceived enemy. We are locking the door tightly against any storm or consequence.  What is the function of art -but to expand ourselves and abolish limitations?   We are taken out of our narcissism -to see others as extensions of ourselves.  How we respond depends on our ability to overcome egoistic strivings.  The ego is what say’s ‘mine’.  It cannot see ‘you’ because it is a child of infantile  processing – it is the soul caught inside dependancy.  To be independent is not to be apart from the community.  It is a thing we are when we invest in others.  To be responsible is to contribute to the ‘gestalt mind’.  In every culture there is the central well of memory. The artist is the one who takes water from the well and gives it to his fellows.  In the honing of his craft -he seeks to improve this skill.  In this way he is always a giving thing and never hesitates between life and art -for both are the same thing.

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