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It is not true that all men are equal.  It is true that all men are equal in potentia.  Inside every soul there is a blue-print of the whole.  Inside the body is the complete design of what you are and what you can be.  This is what we call the ‘higher self’.  The original ground of being is what was created in the beginning of the universe.  What we have in our lives is a fallen self -that which was programmed by the outside realm of life.  To overcome this false ego -we have to unlearn what we have learned.  In order to reach a full potential -we must dig deeper.  Beneath the strata of lies and madness -is the ‘reality’ of hidden and secretive feelings.  Potentia is the true and rich resources of our . This is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This is our true nature and our ‘deeper soil’. I am able to access this vein of creativity only when I turn against protectionism.  I do not need to guard myself against consequences.  I am free only when I circumvent the chains of consideration.

We are able to release fixations when we allow ourselves to be changed.  We are always being transformed in some way.  We must allow ourselves to evolve and to be expanded.  The only fate we are involved in -is the ‘will’ of our higher self.  We are brought through the process by the thing that moves in us.  It takes us forward -as we are taken beyond our borders.  This is a painful sort of realization.  In the material sense I am blind and unaware.  To see the truth -I must rise up from the fragile and brittle reality of life.  I must dislodge the truth from the sludge of lies.  I have to wipe the dust off the mirror of self-obsessed illusions.

In a sort of ‘seige mentality’ we are caught in the doldrums of security. We build a fortress of ego-considerations.  We build a blockade against the universe. We are made into sleeping souls who are frustrated by their incapacity.  In this frozen wasteland of shallowness -we are unable to create or express ourselves.  To dismantle this clever stratagem -we have to face reality as it is.  We are aware of an evasiveness -but we are unsure.  We are faced with lies and disguises.  All of this is related to a reluctance of desires.  Art is ‘pure desire’ and must be allowed to flourish.  If we do not take part in this journey we languish in mediocrity.  If we are made ‘harmless’ in this way -we are dissatisfied and discontented.  We are caught in snares and traps of approval.

If one is an artist -you have to be provocative.  You do not give people what they expect.  You are seeing a truth that no-one else sees. You are expressing this in a contrary way.  You do not follow the rules of society but you aline yourself with the ‘alternative’ basis of reality.  In this level you face the outside of things -from inside.  Potentia is a thing of considerations -whereby we shape our art with our entire soul and body.  We are made whole in this way.  We sit on the throne of achievement and we take part in the unveiling of the naked self.   To do this we must have courage as well as honour.  We are able to dig deeper only when we are not focused on imitation.  Picasso dismantled reality in order to give that which is monstrous and strange.  He was showing what underlies the conscious realm of senses.  In this way I also emulate the hidden.

To take these ideas and visions -I am able to affect the world only when I am moved from the bottom of my body.  To stand in the centre of being and to give so much more -is a difficult thing. Even so I am able to do this -when I forget myself.  The ‘self’ of unlimited scope is kept inside -to resist the flow of outward manifestations.  The inward vision is always the best way.  If you go deeper you will not be devoured by the beasts.  If you enter your spiritual room -you will not fade away.  So when I find that hidden reservoir of energies – I can do so much more.  To avoid the particular and to side-step the obvious -is to allow your mind to be liberated.  Not to exaggerate and state every extreme -is to fulfill your art as a statement of principle.  You are what you do.  To reach the full potential is to grow in vital ways.  This can only be done when you allow life to be a thing of risk and uncertainty. There is only a solution when we have a problem.   We can go forward only when we are stopped.  We move in a direction -only when we lose the compass of destiny.  We are creatures of a crooked world -and our madness is a way of dealing with a mad world.  We are ready to adapt to the unreal things that face us. We are able to fulfil ourselves in disregard for the static things that surround us.  We create in a place of openness and power.  We channel our selves into what we see and hear.


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