Rainbow Formula

Rainbow Formula / Jujube Jacinto

June 18 – July 20 / Tue – Sat / 12 – 6 

Opening: Friday, June 17 / 6 – 8

Gallery Gachet is pleased to present Rainbow Formula, a solo exhibition by Jujube Jacinto.

Jujube is a person of mixed Asian ancestry who has faced difficult and traumatic experiences and circumstances that are rooted in society’s stigma towards people who live with mental illness and racial prejudice. Yet, despite Jujube’s struggles, she carries a feeling of dizzying playfulness, curiosity and hope in the world, all of which is physically embodied in Jujube’s art practice. Rainbow Formula is filled with vivid characters and colourful creatures who find themselves entangled in kaleidoscopic environments that illustrate Jujube’s mind-scape and perception of the world.


Rainbow Formula is a direct testament to Jujube’s strengths as a creative in a time of so much risk and uncertainty, and it reflects Gachet’s mandate of supporting marginalized artists by creating a space for them to showcase their works without constraint. The exhibition will be available for the public every Monday to Saturday from 12 pm – 6 pm at Gallery Gachet at 9 W Hastings St. There will also be an opening event for the exhibition on Friday, June 17th from 6 pm – 8 pm – all members of the public are welcome to attend.


About the Artist / Jujube Jacinto

I am Jujube Jacinto! I am a self-taught visual artist based in Vancouver, B.C. My solo art show is called Rainbow Formula, which has a plethora of colourful, surreal and fantastical works. My zany, vivid characters and creatures seem to emanate a sense of playful innocence and creative imagination. My illustrations depict a visual presence that is by nature wildly coloured, intricately detailed and happily absurd. I enjoy stretching my mind in ways that are almost dreamlike.

I identify as a person of mixed Asian Heritage, who has undergone difficulties of traumatic experiences. That is why I grew more engaged with the pursuit of art. I create art within the themes of everything (all things) and anything (any one thing) … and truly this concept is the reason I call my show Rainbow Formula.

It also happens to be the month of Pride/LGBTQIA2S+ and I warmly welcome diversity and inclusivity, especially to those who might be excluded or marginalized. As someone touched with mental and physical health conditions, I especially want to inspire others in this community on a deeper level. Art can provide a sense of solace, pleasure, therapy, and safety, and therefore is a worthwhile, often exciting, passionate, and healing endeavour.

I found out that the name ‘Jujube’ stems from a type of fruit that is native to Southeast Asia. It has been used to treat conditions like insomnia and anxiety. Despite any struggles that I may have, I truly feel that my love for creating art has never diminished; it continues to bring profound joy to me and inspires others in a direct and transfixed way.

My solo exhibition features a visual display of works that reflect the strength it took for one artist like myself to create a space in an art gallery, like Gallery Gachet, that is magical and otherworldly.

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