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Neurotika Blog – Uncertainty.

It is true that in uncertainty there is freedom.  Life is invariably a surprising thing.  If it was predictable it would be a pitiful thing.

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Neurotika Blog – Process.

In truth there is no heaven or destination. We walk the road -lost and alone. We never reach the home in the valley -it is always someplace in the future.

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Neurotika Blog – Negation.

There are three levels of perception.  1. Surface Knowledge.  2. The Negative Image.  And 3,  Deeper sanity.  The first field of the senses is concerned with the rational -and it’s concourse.

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Neurotika Blog – Contagion.

A meme is an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas which can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals or other imitable phenomena.

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Neurotika Blog – Paradigms.

As we evolve through the changes -we are faced with a crisis. In some ways we come to a point where we unlearn what we’ve learned. Our belief system is based on a paradigm -that we use to respond to whatever life gives us.

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Neurotika – Changes.

I am a million different people from day to day. I am what you see as me -and also what you believe me to be. The only constant thing -is change. With the phases of the moon -as well as the revolutions of the world and the ever-circling sun -things do not ever stop for […]

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Neurotika -Possibilities.

What are possibilities?  They are victories disguised as mistakes.  In this way if there is not problem -there is no solution.  Such things are a matter of discourse only.

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Neorotika -Fear is Addiction.

I believe that all addiction comes from the emotion of fear. Fear of consequences and disappointments. Fear of disaster and embarrassment. All fear is the nullification of thought as well as creativity.

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Neurotika -The Hand of Telling.

  There are many labels for art -and its discourse.  I like to call myself a surrealist or a dreamer of dreams.  I do believe that one way of seeing things -is to involve oneself in ‘stories’. 

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Neurotika – Ritual Scars.

Let me speak of the Primitive.  It is not a term referring to an artistic style -but to a way of life.  In the primitive -we live as citizens of a country that has no name.

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