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The funding has been cut for the gallery.  Now we are faced with a crisis whereby we need to think of options.  I have written this blog to speak of my needs and my choices. 

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Neurotika Blog – Potentia

It is not true that all men are equal.  It is true that all men are equal in potentia.  Inside every soul there is a blue-print of the whole.

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Neurotika Blog – Responsability

The word ‘responsibility’ is an interesting phrase.  It means to ‘respond’ and be able to see another’s point of view.  Power only comes from relationships.  It means to be able to change reality. 

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I invite you to check out the Neurotika Blog.  Under the ‘projects’ button above -is the ‘blogs’ heading.  It is there you will find my essays.  Please check them out if you are interested. Please let me know if you agree or if you do not agree. Bruce Ray.

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Nerotika Blog – The Tale

It is said that surrealism is the refutation of logic. In the dreams and visions of an artist -we are shown images that evoke madness and an underlying focus of demented energies. It is said that surrealism is a dismantling of reality.

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Neurotika – Comparing Scars

My name is Bruce Ray and I am a madman.  I have heard voices for twenty five years.

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Neurotika Blog – Cul-de-sacs

The terrors that keep us apart are linked to the problem of personal identity.  In this way we are measured by our tradition.  In this kind of mindset there is an irritatible reaction towards ‘cultural approbation’

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Neurotika Blog -Shamanism.

In the shamanistic vision -we express our ability to interpret and understand.  What I call the Shamanistic journey is a process of how we are faced with crisis -and renewal. 

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Neurotika Blog – Interpretations

Life is always about interpretation. We see what we want to see. In the process of our lives -we shift between two paradigms. The first is the truth of the two worlds: Heaven and Hell. The other contains the many worlds of imagination.

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Neurotika Blog – Ambiguities

I believe that forced energy is evil. Spiritual slavery comes out of the ego and its refusal to allow things to come to pass on their own power.

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