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Contributing Artists

Thank you to our artists!   Gallery Gachet would like to thank the amazing group of artists who have contributed to our fundraising efforts! This work exemplifies the members, associates and friends who keep this place going and remind us that we are IN THIS TOGETHER! We invite you to bid on these one-of-a-kind works […]

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Edzy Edzed – 30 Year Retrospective

Obsession – Compulsion – Deconstruction – Invention Exhibition preview: Friday, March 4th, 12–9pm Closing party: Friday, April 1st, 6–9pm Exhibition runs: March 4th – April 10th, 2016 EDZED’s art production extends from the exercise of obsessive–compulsive impulses. It is the application of his hands and mind to a painting problem.

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For A New Accessibility

Join us For A New Accessibility, a convergence at Gallery Gachet held in partnership with the Contemporary Art Gallery and artist Carmen Papalia.

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Red Jam Slam Radio Festival

 Saturday, June 20th, 1–5pm The Red Jam Slam Radio Festival creates an opportunity for listeners and audience members to hear expressions of healing and caring for mother earth and respect for our own cultural teachings while staying in tune with others living on mother earth.

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Mad Pride – Call for Submissions

The Mad Pride CabaretGallery Gachet’s 2015 Mad Pride exhibition, Develop Madness signifies, among other things, the transformation of anarchic, organic and historicized urban space into commodity. Gentrification is the development process experienced in Gachet’s neighbourhood, Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside

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Zin Reading and Discussion Group

Sunday, May 17th 1-­3pm when language runs dry: a zine for people with chronic pain and their allies zine reading and discussion group ­ facilitated by Aja Rose Bond

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I have a dream

I have a dream… A chalkboard has been installed in the alley behind Gallery Gachet for passer-by’s to share their dream.

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Neurotika – Comparing Scars

My name is Bruce Ray and I am a madman.  I have heard voices for twenty five years.

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Neurotika Blog – Cul-de-sacs

The terrors that keep us apart are linked to the problem of personal identity.  In this way we are measured by our tradition.  In this kind of mindset there is an irritatible reaction towards ‘cultural approbation’

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Neurotika Blog – Ideas.

Ideas never come in a large package -but they express themselves in pieces and shards of meaning.  To seek an ultimate truth is a vain enterprise.

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