Reconciliation: The life and work of Donna Balma – Book Launch


Reconciliation: The life and work of Donna Balma
By Donna Balma
Lentis Books
Roberts Creek, BC, Canada

Reconciliation: The life and work of Donna Balma, reveals the avant-garde world, of a Canadian artist, from Bohemian to Visionary. Cross the threshold of Donna Balma’s cabin in Roberts Creek, BC, and enter the realm of her visionary art: obsessive, symbolic, dark, colourful and often comic; here is a body of work created from an honest and deeply felt inner necessity. Like Frida Kahlo, Balma explores her own life experience through her art, delving into the rare space that connects the extreme subjective and universal.

‘Reconciliation’ is a unique examination of the life and art of an uncompromising and prolific contemporary Canadian artist. Told in Balma?s own voice, this intimate portrait tells the engaging tale of an artist whose creative drive often conflicted with the expectations of those around her.

Raised in the 1930s in a working-class neighbourhood in Victoria, Canada, the happiness of Balma’s early childhood was shattered by the death of her mother and the sudden, unexplained disappearances of her
grandmother and older sister. These early traumatic events would have a profound influence on the rest of her life and her art.

Balma defied the conventions of her day when she entered art school at the age of 20, traveled alone to meet her lover in Mexico, supported herself by working as an artist’s model, and raised her two daughters in art colonies in England and North America.

While circumstances sometimes made it difficult for Balma to pursue her art, in later years her single-minded dedication to her craft has produced a vast, eclectic, timeless and unforgettable body of work. The images in Reconciliation are a testament to her considerable talents and form part of the ongoing legacy of this impressive West Coast artist.

You can meet Donna Balma at the North American book launch of Reconciliation: The life and work of Donna Balma in early October 2007 at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre, Sechelt BC; and at Gallery Gachet in Vancouver BC. View her work online at:
or at her ARTROM Gallery GUILD member page:

Buy Reconciliation: The life and work of Donna Balma at Lentis Books through Donna Balma at, for $35.00 Canadian plus  shipping.

Softcover: 120 pages text with 61 pages of colour and many black and white photos.
Publisher: Lentis Books, Roberts Creek, BC
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0-9737042-0-4

For further information contact Donna Balma at 604-885-7176 or

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