Andy Morning Star

I am a proud gallery gachet non-artist/collective member who resides in the (DTES) Downtown Eastside.
I do not consider myself as an artist but as a person who does art therapy.

I like to use non-traditional materials for my canvas such as bed sheets, pillow cases, and curtains in the presentation of my “soup du jour”.

The 32 Campbell’s Soup Can collection by Andy Warhol is one of my favourite. I think Andy Warhol may have changed how people in the modern world look at art.

I hope through art therapy and by making “soup du jour” I may become a better citizen,
a better collective members and a better person to others.

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    front door: 5 feet width
    front door step: 6 inch height
    ramp: 34 inch width

    washroom door: 33 inch width
    toilet: 10 inch clearance on left side
    14 inch clearance in front to sink
    the washroom has a handrail

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