Bruce Ray

I’ve been a member of the Gallery Gachet for fifteen years. I’ve had six solo shows here. I’ve also taken part in numerous group shows. I’m proud to call myself an outsider artist. I’ve been diagnosed with acute schizophrenia for thirty years. I feel the gallery is a forum for exploration and education It is the alternative to the status quo and functions as a vital pressure valve for the marginalized and displaced members of society.
I believe in the expression of dreams and their reality. All is a flux of visions merging and then tearing apart. I use various mediums to emulate the underlying level of reality. This is the real that hides behind the unreal. I have used acrylics and linocuts. Lately I’ve been making cartoons in Adobe Illustrator. I like to try out different things to provoke ideas. In the process of making art I learn about myself much like dreams teach me.
The mystery of the universe is only equaled by the mystery of the self. To be illuminated means to be aware of what lives inside the confines of the heart. Art is a function of both memory and expectation. If I am an outsider artist I am the one who looks within -from outside I am the one who guards the gate. I am the angel with flaming sword who stands by the entrance to paradise. The artist is the one who holds the key to the locked door. I am the one who takes water from the well and gives it to the people. My profession is a way to give dreams to the ones who’s dreams have been stolen away from them. In this way I am generous and promiscuous. The nature of art is regeneration. It is the bread and fishes that are fed to the multitude. It grows and in growing is passed from hand to hand. Art is the living tradition and we are all a part of its divine society. I want to give art back to the people. I want to return it to the children and take part in the purity of play and pretence. I want to make it available to everyone.

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