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Michif – Michin

Mad Pride: Mad City

Online Fundraising Auction, open May 13th, at 3.00pm


Edzy Edzed – 30 Year Retrospective

Voices of the Corridors: Repression of the Self, Repression of a Movement, Oppression of a People

Clarence Brear | My Art is My Life hood: My Art is My Life Achievement.

The New Access Consortium Presents: A Collective Audit of the Vancouver Art Gallery

Here is the archive list of shows at Gachet.

  • About Gallery Gachet

    Gallery Gachet is a unique artist-run centre located in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Gachet is a collectively-run exhibition and studio space built to empower participants as artists, administrators and curators.


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    Gallery Gachet is a non-profit artist run centre located in the Downtown Eastside.
    Your support will help us extend the range and quality of our programs.

  • Accessibility Info

    front door: 5 feet width
    front door step: 6 inch height
    ramp: 34 inch width

    washroom door: 33 inch width
    toilet: 10 inch clearance on left side
    14 inch clearance in front to sink
    the washroom has a handrail

    Click here to see our full accesibility audit.

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