Gallery Gachet TV are videos created by Gachet Collective, staff and volunteers and include content related to our programming initiatives. Some video podcasts are produced in collaboration with Jay Peachy (Collective Member) and his CJSF radio show, Sound Therapy, and Shaw Community TV's One World program.

The Art Cart

Art Cart is a mobile art gallery and vending cart for the communities of Gallery Gachet and Oppenheimer Park. The Art Cart is a vessel for artists to transport and sell their work, as well as a being a hub for curated exhibitions and projects, community workshops and public events. Art Cart seeks alternatives for “artist space”, and in its own way represents an act of creative survival and resistance.

Apisuk Residency

With the collaboration of Live Biennale and Institutions by Artists, Gallery Gachet welcomed internationally renowned performance artist, Chumpon Apisuk and acclaimed activist and social worker, Chantawipa (Noi) Apisuk to participate in a panel day at Gallery Gachet.

Neurotika Blog

The Neurotika Blog is written by Gachet Member Bruce Ray. You can subscribe to Neurotika via RSS here.

The Ear

The Ear is Gallery Gachet's quarterly journal. Links to PDFs are at the right and you can also read about what's happening with the journal.

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