Tom Quirk

Tom Quirk has been heavily involved in the DTES arts community doing outreach since March 2004. He has a long work history in the West Coast shipping industry including going to the Arctic on Canadian ships, and working towboats as a certified master. As a writer and actor he has appeared at the New Play Centre and the Arts Club Theatre. After completing the Acting to camera course at VFS in 2004, he became engaged with the Vancouver Moving Theatre Company; through them he was featured in the production, “Carnegie Opera”, in 2007 at the Firehall Arts Centre. His photo and an in-depth interview on his life were included in the Pivot book project, “Hope in Shadows”. As a videographer, he has been shooting in the Downtown Eastside for many years covering stories spanning the DTES theatre, music, festivals, artist character profiles; most recently he produced stories for Fearless Mobile: “Fearless Streams “, “Streamwalk”, and the for the Out of the Rain Program and Mad Pride Exhibit at Gallery Gachet. He is grateful to be an associate member at Gallery Gachet and an active participant in the Downtown Eastside creative, cultural and outreach community.

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